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Bush and Clinton administrations bury "October Surprise" evidence Clinton is asked by Bush to back off on Iraq/BCCI investigation and agrees. WTC bombing. US foils apparent assassination attempt on former president Bush. Branch Davidian debacle in Waco, Texas. "Travelgate". Suicide of Vince Foster becomes a cause celebré among Clinton conspiracy mongers. Clinton economic package begins reversal of Reagan-Bush economic downturns. Ruth Bader Ginsberg joins Supreme Court. Oslo peace accords between Israel and the PLO. Clinton proposes a comprehensive health care plan, which eventually succumbs to GOP and health care industry opposition. A US military raid in Somalia goes awry, causing the deaths of 18 soldiers. Communist resistance to change in the former USSR is defeated. Whitewater investigation begins. "The Arkansas Project" born. Brady gun control bill. "Troopergate," a bogus scandal concocted by right-wing media, hits the US press.

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