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Former president Bush secretly meets with bin Ladens. CIA's Operation MERLIN inadvertently provides Iran with critical nuclear weapons technology. Bush slimes McCain to win in South Carolina. FBI stymies investigations into Islamic terror organizations. Elian Gonzalez case infuriates many Americans, galvanizes conservatives. "Bohemian Grove" ceremony infiltrated by journalists. PNAC proposes "Pax Americana." USS Cole bombing; Clinton's retaliatory plans are stymied. Disputed Presidential election between Vice President Al Gore and George W. Bush; numerous election problems in Florida are found, including massive voter fraud and collusion on the part of the Bush campaign. Hillary Clinton elected senator. CLICK HERE for a detailed breakdown of the events of the election, the Florida recounts, and the Supreme Court decision. Republican mob attacks Miami-Dade recount headquarters. Bush already planning to authorize domestic spying by NSA. Supreme Court breaks Constitutional law to declare Bush the president. Clinton administration completes comprehensive plan to fight terrorism, a plan ignored by the Bush administration.

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