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California governor recall attempt begins. Kay's team finds no WMDs. Proof that Bush lied about costs of Iraq war and reconstruction. Blair deliberately misled public about Iraqi WMDs. More criticism from opponents and allies alike. California GOP voting machine fraud criticized. Schwarzenegger elected California governor in "circus" election. More evidence that claims of Iraqi WMDs was falsified. Reports of torture in Guantanamo detention camps. "Psyops" campaign against US and British populaces re: Iraq. Billions budgeted for Iraq going directly to Halliburton and other companies. Robertson suggests State Department be nuked. Connections between Bush family and Nazi financiers proven. Bogus "good news" letters from Iraq printed in US newspapers. Libby lies about Valerie Plame to FBI. Limbaugh begins treatment for drug addiction. Troop morale plummeting; sick and wounded troops not getting decent treatment. "Free speech zones." Sick and wounded US troops held in "squalor." Administration offensive against anti-war protesters. Administration infighting over bad pre-war intelligence revealed; "stovepiping." More budget cuts on veterans' benefits. Administration bans all media coverage of returning dead from Iraq. Ashcroft interferes with Plame investigation. Mercenaries more and more prevalent in Middle East. US media fails to report on Iraq wounded. Further failure to find WMDs. Attack on Red Cross HQ in Baghdad. Bush continues to stonewall 9/11 investigation. Failure of Middle East peace plan. Bush received hefty contributions from 70 companies with Iraq contracts.


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