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Halliburton contractors making huge salaries in Iraq doing same jobs as underpaid US troops. More allegations of US rape and torture of Abu Ghraib prisoners. US swaps high-level terror suspects to Saudi Arabia for British prisoners. US officials censor Hussein's first court hearing. Army study cites critical shortages and failures during initial invasion. Karpinski accuses Rumsfeld of authorizing Abu Ghraib torture. Couple arrested and handcuffed for wearing anti-Bush shirts to 4th celebration; charges are later dropped. Blair admits Iraqi WMDs may never be found. CIA withheld data showing Iraq had no WMDs before invasion. Kerry chooses Edwards as running mate. Bush coordinates the search for bin Laden with the November election, and pressures Pakistan to deliver him during the Democratic convention. Enron's Kenneth Lay indicted. Experts conclude Iraq occupation has strengthened Islamic terrorism. Pentagon will allow "enemy combatants" to challenge their status in court. Senate Intelligence Committee debunks claims of Iraq WMDs and al-Qaeda connections. Primakov alleges deal between Hussein, US before invasion. "Matrix" informational database threatens Americans' privacy. World Court demands that Israel dismantle the West Bank barrier. CIA and White House lies about Iraq's WMD programs documented by 9/11 committee. "Curveball" exposed as a fraud and alcoholic; warnings of his unreliability before invasion were deemed "unwelcome." Adminstration inquiring into procedures for canceling November elections. False intelligence about Iraq terrorist ties circumvented CIA, given directly to Cheney and Rumsfeld and used as pretense for war. Election oversight committee taking donations, perks from voting machine manufacturers. Blair administration admits Hutton inquiry was a cover-up. Democrats call for pre-election investigation of potential threats to voting. Iraqi prime minister murders prisoners in cold blood. False accusations against Joseph Wilson may be used to delay Plame investigation indictments until after elections. Republicans use Marriage Protection Act to undermine Constitutional separation of powers. Democratic convention nominates Kerry, focuses on positive values. Oil prices reach 21-year high.

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