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CIA arrangements with banks and telecom firms to spy on Americans and others become an issue in White House. Bush administration outs al-Qaeda double agent. CIA expert says war on terror has played into bin Laden's hands. Bogus terror alerts upstage Kerry's nomination, and prove to be politically manipulated. Bush administration "outsourcing" illegal surveillance of US citizens. Bush admits no evidence of terror attacks that triggered alert. Florida law enforcement officials intimidate black voters. Subtle regulatory changes lay waste to environment, profit industry. Kay blasts NSC for prewar intelligence failures. Abu Ghraib doctors complict in torture. US and Israel sabotaging peace process between Israel and Palestine. First war-crimes case at Guantanamo begins. Bush says war on terror unwinnable. General Sanchez approved use of attack dogs on Iraqi prisoners, according to an Army report. Republican National Convention anoints Bush for re-election, tars Kerry, promotes fear of future terrorist attacks. Bush official investigated for spying for Israel.


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