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Audiotapes prove that Enron deliberately "gamed" the California energy grid. Ghazi al-Yawir named interim Iraqi president. Tenet resigns as CIA director. Ronald Reagan dies. Justice Department memo legitimizing torture hits the press. Padilla case disintegrates. $8 billion in tax dollars for Iraq "mismanaged" by Halliburton. Proof of Cheney's involvement in securing Halliburton contracts. Karpinski confirms Sanchez ordered Abu Ghraib torture. Torture at Abu Ghraib proven to have been authorized at highest levels of Pentagon. Tenet and Rumsfeld revealed to have ordered the secret detention of an Iraqi terrorism suspect, in direct contravention of the Geneva Conventions. Martial law predicted for Iraq. Florida vote analysis shows disparate number of blacks disenfranchised. UN says US has wasted or stolen $11 billion in Iraqi oil revenues. Guantanamo detainees shown to be of far less value than officials have claimed. Connecticut GOP governor Rowland resigns over real estate fraud scandal. Widespread torture of prisoners in Afghanistan confirmed. House Ethics Committee agrees to investigate DeLay. New Iraqi government revealed to be little more than a US puppet regime. Bush interviewed by Fitzgerald over Plame leak. Cheney tells Democratic senator Leahy to "go f*ck yourself" on the floor of the Senate. Supreme Court agrees to let Cheney energy task force hide documents. GOP Senate candidate Jack Ryan drops out of the race after revelations that he tried to force his ex-wife to have bizarre sex acts in public. Bremer transfers power to Iraqi government two days early. Billions of Iraqi dollars have "disappeared" due to CPA mismanagement. GAO report shows that Iraq is worse off now than under Hussein. Britain reveals that in June 2003 the senior US military commander in Iraq ordered British troops to attack Iranian forces, an order that was refused, thereby avoiding open warfare with Iran. Saddam Hussein's first court hearing censored for US media US defies an Iraqi court order to release an Iraqi prisoner from Abu Ghraib.

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