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Gary Hart recalls warning Condoleezza Rice about imminent terror threats. German intelligence says that they warned information from Iraqi source "Curveball" was worthless; US intelligence ignored the warnings and used the information to sell Iraqi war. Bush refuses to ask OPEC to help curb soaring US gas prices. Powell says that some of the evidence he used in his February 2003 presentation to the UNSC was faulty. Former members of Blair's Cabinet reveal that Bush decided to invade Iraq as soon as September 20, 2001. Sadr Uprising. Pentagon criticizes Afghanistan war strategy. Imminent collapse of American control of central Iraq, with three major cities withdrawing from the government and several more overrun by fighting. Former president Bush privately opposes war. Pakistan's Musharraf says that the Iraq war is undermining his country's efforts to combat al-Qaeda and the Taliban. US intelligence contradicts Bush statements that Shi'ites rebelling in Iraq are a small number of extremists, saying that instead the Shi'ite uprisings are far more extensive and broad-based. North Korea says they are on the brink of nuclear war with the US. Iraqi insurgents capture 4 Italians and 2 Americans, and hold them as hostages; others, including Australians and Japanese, are also held hostage. Bush asks Iran for its help in quelling Iraqi violence. Iraqi nuclear materials are being left unguarded, and looters have ransacked the facilities, stealing radioactive materials and critical equipment. Rumsfeld says US troops are replaceable, implying that their deaths are barely relevant since they can easily be replaced. Negroponte accepts post of US ambassador to Iraq. American mining company investigating for cooperating with al-Qaeda terrorists in Philippines. Bob Woodward shows that the Bush administration was planning to invade Iraq as far back as November 2001, saying Cheney in particular was obsessed with Hussein. Rice warns of terror attacks before election, but refuses to give details. Bush campaign collaborating with Saudi Arabia to artificially lower gas prices before election. Spain, Honduras order withdrawal of troops from Iraq. CIA and DIA blame each other for accepting false intelligence from Iraqi source. Saudis plan to artificially lower oil prices to help Bush gain election votes. "Axis of evil" characterization merely a cover for planned Iraqi invasion. Supreme Court hears arguments regarding rights of "enemy detainees." A private CPA memo predicts certain chaos, heavy Iranian influence, and possible civil war in Iraq after the transition. Kerry releases military records in the face of the Bush campaign's efforts to smear his Vietnam service. Bush threatens unspecified actions against Iran. Pentagon admits to secretly funding military preparations for Iraq invasion well before Bush asks for Congressional approval. Lies about Kerry's Vietnam service debunked. Iraqi tribunal headed by Chalabi's nephew set to try Hussein. Indictments against Tom DeLay in preparation. Supreme Court hears arguments on releasing Cheney's energy task force records. Photos of abused prisoners in Al-Ghraib enrage Arabs, prompt worldwide outcry. New Iraqi flag outrages Iraqis, who say it looks like the flag of Israel. Cheney cut many of the defense programs he says Kerry opposed. Chalabi says he will oppose any UN-created transitional government. Amway-like Bush campaign local structures. Sinclair Broadcasting refuses to air Nightline segment honoring US war dead. Marines leave Fallujah to Iraqi army unit control. Bush administration has five times more agents tracking Fidel Castro than Osama bin Laden. California decertifies hundreds of electronic voting machines and charges Diebold with fraud.


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