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$3 trillion Bush budget to slash domestic programs, veteran spending. NIE says Iraq in downward spiral; US lacks control over event. Bush escalation closer to 50,000 troops than 21,500 previously announced. Drive for war with Iran parallels that for Iraq. Brzezinski warns that Bush is manufacturing pretext for war with Iran, suggests that Bush may manufacture terrorist attack on US. Profit data shows that Exxon, other oil companies deliberately depressed oil prices in order to influence November elections. Deputy Attorney General says Bush can ignore the law if he likes. Entire Iraq resolution debate an attempt by Senate Republicans to hoodwink Senate Democrats into voting for a pro-Bush version. Former CIA official linked to Cunningham corruption investigation. State Department invokes "self-defense" article of UN Charter to justify unilateral war with Iran. Rice says she doesn't remember 2003 Iranian diplomatic overtures. US propaganda campaign against Iran mounts, with the complicity of the New York Times. Pentagon report shows that Pentagon lied about intelligence in runup to Iraq invasion. North Korea agrees to disarmament pact. White House directly linked to US attorney firing. Wounded US soldiers forced to live in filth at Walter Reed hospital complex. "Operation Iranian Freedom" ready to go, say British military officials. Britain pulling out of Iraq. Bush administration secretly funding al-Qaeda-linked terror groups. False accusations about North Korea's uranium-enrichment program, going on since 2002, led to North Korea's accelerated plutonium weapons program.


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