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Bush, Blair administrations knew in May 2003 that no Iraqi WMDs would be found. Bush, Blair nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. Powell says he may not have supported the Iraq invasion had he known that no WMDs would be found. Pakistan exposed as source for Iran, Libyan, N. Korean nuclear technology; with US support, Pakistan pardons provider. More Halliburton overcharging scandals; other corporations' profiteering exposed. US military plagued with morale, supply problems. Ricin found in US Senate buildings. Bush budget exposed. Dems push for vote-buying investigation. Blair intelligence claims revealed to have no support in UK intelligence community. CIA backs off on intelligence claims. Bush names commission to investigate Iraqi intelligence failures, chaired by one of architects of Arkansas Project smear campaign. Aussie troops told before war that no WMDs existed. Bush tells pack of lies about Iraq and his military record on Meet the Press; media investigations prove he failed to serve. Bush keeps scope of intelligence investigation as narrow as possible. White House economic predictions fail to materialize; one official claims that US jobs lost overseas is good for the economy. Haitian president Aristide under US, rebel pressure to leave office. False rumors of Kerry's infidelity surface and are scotched; doctored photos of Kerry appear on right-wing Web sites. David Kay says Bush administration should admit errors on issue of WMDs. Doctored photo of Kerry and Jane Fonda inflames conservatives. Bush's attempt to paint Kerry as beholden to special interests falls flat when facts show that Bush has taken more from those interests in one year than Kerry has in 19. Desmond Tutu asks Blair and Bush to apologize for war. Dean drops out of presidential campaign. Chalabi admits to giving false intelligence to Bush officials. Plans for transfer of power in Iraq in flux. Criminal fraud investigation of Halliburton. Bush education secretary calls NEA a terrorist organization. Evidence shows that US and Britain bugged weapons inspectors Blix and Butler as well as UN Security Council and UN Secretary-General. British bugged French prime minister Chirac. Scowcroft warns that Iraq will become another Vietnam.

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