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Rumsfeld creates American assassination squads to operate against insurgents in Iraq. Actual contents of "sexed-up" British intelligence dossier revealed. Misuse of USA Patriot Act by federal officials. Profiteering in Iraq by Bechtel. Judicial challenges to legality of Guantanamo Bay detentions and to concept of "enemy combatants." Corporate protectionist racket in Iraq. US military adopting harsh Israeli tactics in Iraq. US Army seriously under-strength. Katherine Gun prosecution. "Operation Avalanche." US bars countries who failed to support the invasion from landing contracts for reconstruction in Iraq, then asks the same countries to forgive debts owed by Iraq. Massive overcharging of US government by KBR. FBI granted sweeping new powers. Afghanistan's loya jirga adopts US-friendly constitution. Capture of Saddam Hussein. Halliburton saving money by serving US troops "filthy" food. Exposure of Hussein capture as an orchestrated PR stunt. Faked evidence of ties between Iraq and al-Qaeda. Senator confirms Bush officials lied about Iraqi WMDs. Possible embarrassment of Hussein testimony. Bush asks "What's the difference" whether or not WMDs were found. Hussein's capture as psyops. Evidence of 9/11 hijacker's visit to Baghdad shown to be faked. Courts grant rights to enemy combatants and Guantanamo detainees. Purging of White House Web site. Evidence surfacing that info about Hussein's capture was false. Court rules against Bush administration in Padilla detention. New evidence proving Rumsfeld visited Hussein in 1983 and 1984 to support his regime even after Hussein's use of banned chemical weapons. Proof emerges that NY prison authorities abused innocent detainees. Bogus orange threat level. US soldier Time's Person of Year. Libya opens its borders to inspectors -- for a price. More proof that tale of Hussein's capture a lie. Bush advocates Arafat's ouster. Documented failure of US companies to rebuild Iraqi infrastructure. France, Germany, and Russia agree to forgive Iraqi debt in return for oil rights. Zinni predicts Iraq to become another Vietnam. Iraq becoming a haven for terrorism because of occupation. Former Blair official confirms Britain knew about decision to invade Iraq in summer 2002. Bush's own agency confirms lie about Iraqi nukes. Media begins orchestrated attack on Howard Dean. Massive and systematic profiteering and incompetence throughout corporate rebuilding project in Iraq. Psyops campaign by MI6 to manipulate British public opinion confirmed. Ashcroft recuses himself from Plame investigation; Fitzgerald named special prosecutor.

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