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Secret bombing of Laos. "Pentagon Papers" are published. Nixon establishes US relations with China. William Rehnquist joins Supreme Court. "Watergate" conspiracy to subvert election. George W. Bush goes AWOL. Break-in of Democratic headquarters by Nixon operatives. Powell memo sparks conservative revolution. Arab terror bombings disrupt Munich Olympics. Nixon wins re-election. Roe v. Wade decision. Paris Peace Accords. Wounded Knee massacre. US withdrawal from Vietnam. Bakke decision. Agnew resigns. Chile's Salvatore Allende assassinated by the CIA. George W. Bush "honorably" discharged from TANG Yom Kippur War. "Saturday Night Massacre." War Powers Resolution passes over Nixon's veto. The right-wing conspiracy to control the US media is launched. Kurdish rebellion in Iraq . Nixon resigns rather than be impeached. Ford becomes president and pardons Nixon. Ethiopia deposes Haile Selassie for a Marxist government. Lebanese civil war. Fall of Saigon. MK-ULTRA revealed to public. Operation Condor. George H.W. Bush heads the CIA. East Timor declares independence; invaded by Indonesia with US support. John Paul Stevens joins Supreme Court. Jimmy Carter elected president. Arbusto Oil. Newt Gingrich wins Congressional seat, in precursor of GOP attack politics. Clintons invest in Whitewater. FEMA created; agency mandated to implement martial law and round up thousands of dissident Americans. Camp David peace accord between Egypt and Israel. Jonestown massacre. Founding of "Moral Majority." Iran becomes a religious theocracy. MX missiles deployed in Western states. Sandinista government in Nicaragua falls. American hostages taken by Iranian extremists. Saddam Hussein installed as Iraq's leader through auspices of the CIA. Civil war in Afghanistan involves both the US and the USSR.

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