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"All governments are liars, and nothing they say should be believed." -- I.F. Stone


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"A society of sheep must beget in time a government of wolves." -- Bertrand de Jouvenel

"You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence." -- Charles S. Beard

"One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." -- Plato

"What the hell is going on here? How could this once-proud nation have changed so much, so drastically, in only a little more than two years. In what seems like the blink of an eye, this George Bush has brought us from a prosperous nation at peace to a broke nation at war." -- Hunter S. Thompson, quoted by Maureen Farrell

"They [Republicans] are the party of Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh, who spew lies and hatred with impunity. They are the party who gets re-elected on a homophobic platform while employing a fake reporter who engages in illegal online homosexual prostitution. They are the party who used the fear and horror of 9/11 while they sat on information that they had 52 warnings in 5 months before 9/11 occurred. They are the party that speaks of freedom and justice for all, while they at the highest levels wrote the doctrine of torture. They are the party that sells middle America down the river while they cater to the rich. They are the party that sells out on our environmental laws as their co-leader Dick Cheney meets in secret with the polluters while they write policies to destroy our beautiful earth all so the billionaires can have more money that they cannot possibly spend in one lifetime. They are the party that used the AARP to get a trillion-dollar windfall to the drug companies while they laid out their plans to knife the AARP in the back so that they could hand Social Security over to the crooks on Wall Street. They are the party that cuts the benefits for our men and women who are dying for their sick wars, while they turn decorated POWs and Vietnam Vets into traitors and compare a man who lost three limbs to Osama bin Laden and mock our brave soldiers by handing out bandaids with little hearts colored purple. They are the party with a man who told the good people of his nation that he didn't spend much time thinking about Osama bin Laden only months after he promised those same Americans he would bring the killer to justice. They are a party that promised parents from coast to coast that no child would be left behind, then found that funding their promise to the children would not profit them, so they defunded the program. They are the party that uses the good name of Jesus Christ to lie, murder, steal, divide, torture and commit bigotry against their fellow human beings while doing it in the name of our great nation. They are the party that seeks revenge of those that dare to dissent by outing their spouses from the CIA, whose job it is to secure our nation. They tell us that freedom is on the march while they make American citizens sign loyalty pledges and send those that will not to jail. They are the party whose ideologies are so dark, so twisted, that in order to stay in power they must stifle the very essence of America, they must confuse, scare, lie, create chaos and break every law in order to continue their occupation of our great nation. They are the party from hell, selling death and destruction to all that is good, all the while they manage this with a twinkle in their eyes and a smile on their faces. They are traitors to our nation. They do not belong in our beautiful White House. They belong on trial for treason." -- "JackieCA" of Daily Kos

"I despise George W. Bush. I despise his Vice President, his Senior Political Advisor, his Chief of Staff, his Defense Secretary, his Assistant Defense Secretary, his Attorney General, his National Security Advisor, and his chosen Ambassador to the United Nations. Those names, in case you are confused, are Cheney, Rove, Card, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Ashcroft, Rice and Negroponte. I despise his Congressional allies, who have shredded their constitutional duties by refusing to investigate a variety of incredible crimes. For the record, these crimes include the fabrication of Iraq war evidence, the outing of a WMD-hunting CIA agent in an act of political revenge, and the serious questions about how four commercial aircraft fooled the entire domestic defense shield and the entire intelligence community long enough to kill three thousand people. I despise any and all of his people who fanned out two years ago to pound into the American consciousness the idea that criticizing Bush is treason. ...I hate George W. Bush and all of his people because they have done an incredible amount of damage to this nation I hold so dear. I hate them because they are professional liars, thieves, brigands without conscience. I hate them, fully and completely, on the record." -- William Rivers Pitt (Truthout)