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Favorites of This Site

Find Habeas Corpus

Restoring Habeas Corpus: An initiative by the ACLU to do just that -- restore the principle of habeas corpus to American jurisprudence.

Consortium News

Consortium News is perhaps the best news and commentary site on the Internet. Your right-wing friends will not agree.

Progressive Democrats of America

Progressive Democrats of America

Progressive Democrats of America


Cageprisoners -- a site to show some compassion for the detainees in Guantanamo, Bagram AFB, and other torture centers. Whether the detainees are guilty of crimes or not, America doesn't treat other people like this. Or shouldn't, no matter who they are.

The Ruckus Society

Interested in nonviolent activism? This is the place to start.


Lefty Blogs -- a compendium of local and state blogs with a leftist perspective

Peace Takes Courage

Peace Takes Courage -- a fabulous site begun by a 15-year old activist in Alabama.

Timelines on ePluribus Media

ePluribus Media Timelines: An alternate take on much of the same information here, organized in a clickable timeline fashion. This site and mine may soon be sharing content. Strength in cooperation!

Leave My Child Alone

Find out here how to "opt out" your child from military recruiting databases handled through the public schools, and how to fight against the military being given your child's information without your permission.

After Downing Street

After Downing Street: An organization dedicated to bringing the truth of the Downing Street Minutes to the American public, and to promote the impeachment of the Bush administration as a result of its documented falsification of intelligence regarding Iraq.

Big Brass Alliance

An alliance of leftist blogs affiliated with the After Downing Street organization.

Yellow Dog Democrats

A blog dedicated to putting Democrats back in power -- and the spine back in Democrats.

National Security Whistleblowers' Coalition

National Security Whistleblowers' Coalition: Sibel Edmond's new organization.


The first place I check every morning for news.

Black Box Voting

Feel like you were ripped off in the 2000 and 2004 elections? You were. Visit this site to find out how.

Fight to Survive: Blogging from Iraq's Front Lines

Blogging from the front lines in Iraq. Go here for the stories and perspective the mainstream media is too gutless to present.

The Wall

This needs no explanation.

Soldier Ride

Soldiers wounded in Iraq are raising money for themselves, their families, and their compatriots by biking across the country. Give them a hand.

Operation Yellow Elephant

Sick of chickenhawks on the right pushing for war from the comfort of their armchairs? Tell these "keyboard commandos" to get their own hind ends to Iraq if they truly support the war.

Find out how much you'll lose under Bush's Social Security plan

Find out how much you'll lose to Bush's revamping of Social Security.

Take the ACLU Pledge

Take the ACLU Pledge and signify your refusal to surrender your freedoms:

"I pledge to join with over 400,000 ACLU members and supporters to help ensure that the President, his administration, and our leaders in Congress fulfill their duty to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution. By reaffirming my commitment to the American values of justice and liberty for all, I am enlisting in a powerful movement to defend our freedoms against assaults on our civil liberties."

Backbone Campaign

A grassroots campaign to put some spine back into the Democratic Party.

Days until Bush leaves office

Designed by georgedorn and provided by Positronic Design. Grab your own copy here.

Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911

Probably the most powerful political documentary I've ever seen. Liberal, conservative, or moderate, if you haven't already seen this movie, you need to view it now.

Center for Cooperative Research -- Find the Truth about Iraq and 9/11

Click here for the truth about Iraq and 9/11

Computer Tyme Web Hosting

This site hosted courtesy of Marc Perkel and Computer Tyme Web Hosting

Send Thanks to US Troops

Sign an online petition thanking the US troops for their service. By and large, they are doing a magnificent job. It's the civilian government's policies that I oppose.

Donate to the USO

Donate to the USO's Operation Phone Home, which provides free phone calls for US soldiers in Iraq to call their families and friends. This notification was provided by John Kerry.

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Iraq Veterans Against the War

ACLU Patriot Act Flash link

Want a chilling demonstration of just how far Ashcroft's national citizen database could bring us? Click here.

Thank You, Patriots

A site honoring those politicians who stood up on January 6 to oppose the fraudulent election results of the 2004 Presidential elections, and those who continue to fight for fair and open elections.

Wacky Neighbor Terror Alert

Terror Alert Level

Verified Voting

Now more than ever.

My Polling Place

Find where you can cast your ballot. Also learn about your rights as a voter -- those that haven't been taken away by Republican fiat.

Gold Star Families for Peace

Gold Star Families for Peace

pinko buttons

Pinko Buttons...cool buttons from a fan of this site


Eric Blumrich's Bushflash.com. Excellent site for anti-Bush Flash animations and visual goodies.

The Randi Rhodes Show

Best talk show host on Air America. Artwork used by permission of the artist, Michael Sprouse.

Shooting War

A brilliant, disturbing, and profane graphic novel about the possible future of the Iraq occupation. Not for the faint-hearted.

Digital Blasphemy

Digital Blasphemy: Nothing political, but beautiful, imaginative computer artwork from artist Ryan Bliss. I use his work as my computer wallpaper on all of my monitors.

Karmic Relief

Shelley Ackerman's astrology site. Don't know if you believe that the stars influence your destiny, but she is a fan of this site, hence the link. Thanks, Shelley!