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Saudi Arabia helping fund Sunni insurgency in Iraq. Libby convicted on four of five counts in perjury trial. Fired US attorneys confirm political nature of dismissals; confirm threats from Justice Department if they don't remain silent. Gonzales and Mueller admit the FBI broke the law in spying on citizens. Rove assured Republicans that fired US attorney David Iglesias was "gone" Army ordering wounded, medically unfit veterans to go back to Iraq. White House deeply involved in attorney firings. Valerie Plame Wilson testifies before Congress, and confirms that she was a covert agent. Fitzgerald possibly considered for firing in US attorney purge. Senior Bush official pleads guilty to Abramoff-related charge. Sampson testifies about US attorney firings, confirms that Gonzales heavily involved. Bush, military lie about need for immediate troop funding.


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Why has this site been mired in late March for weeks on end? Actually, I have been spending inordinate amounts of time updating the site -- but updating the code, not the content. (Actually, I have been updating the content, but not for more recent events. Lots of new stuff is in these pages.) You can refer to the Updates page for the technical details, but the upshot is, the revamped code makes the site load much faster and far more accurately. If it didn't look right on your browser before, it should now...unless you're using an older browser. Sorry for the lapse.