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Bush administration allegations of ties between Saddam Hussein and Islamic terrorists disproven. Trail of bin Laden "stone cold." Marines conclude war in Anbar province has been lost. GOP congressman pleads guilty to fraud connected with Jack Abramoff. Electronic voting machines poised to steal 2006 elections. NIE confirms that US occupation of Iraq has spawned terrorism and made America less, not more, safe from terror attacks. "Jihadistan." Global warming causes planetary temperature increases not seen in thousands of years. Right of habeas corpus set to be outlawed by Congress. Book by Bob Woodward shows Bush administration lied about Iraq from outset, situation in Iraq far worse than acknowledged. British Ministry of Defense report calls Iraq a "recruiting sergeant" for al-Qaeda. "Carnage incarnate" in Iraq. Contacts between Rove, Mehlman, other top White House officials with Jack Abramoff far more extensive than previously admitted; Bush officials repeatedly intervened on behalf of Abramoff clients. GOP representative Mark Foley resigns after sexually explicit e-mails with 16-year old boy revealed; GOP House leadership knew about Foley's actions for at least a year without taking action. GOP blocks House investigation into Foley, then calls for investigations.

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