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Fraud behind the pardoning of Abdul Qadeer Khan exposed. Haitian president flees, alleging that US forces him out of office; evidence of Bush destabilization of Aristide since 2000 surfaces. Blair facing war crimes charges in international court? Furor over Bush campaign's use of 9/11 images in its campaign ads. Only person convicted of 9/11 crimes wins retrial in German court. McCain fights Bush for subpoena power for intelligence commission. Edwards concedes Democratic race to Kerry. Iraqi defector discredited; his tales of Iraqi mobile bioweapons labs used extensively by Bush officials. Bush administration attempting to destabilize Venezuelan government. Proof that Republicans illegally spied on Democrats for years. Libby lies about Valerie Plame to grand jury. Blix tells of US pressure to affirm its characterization of Iraqi WMDs before invasion. Madrid train blast kills 200+; al-Qaeda responsible. Medicare official says that he was threatened with firing if he told the truth about Bush's deliberately downplayed Medicare cost estimates; he believes Bush officials orchestrated the threats. US still paying Chalabi group millions for intelligence, even though it has long been proven to be fabrications. Six Brits released from Guantanamo Bay detention without charges being filed. Spain's new government announces the removal of Spanish troops from Iraq. Richard Clarke's damning indictment of the Bush administration's efforts to combat terrorism; Clarke says the administration planned on attacking Iraq almost immediately after the 9/11 attacks. Conditions for military in Kuwait, Iraq far worse than being reported; 700+ US dead go unreported after dying of incurable bacterial infections. Israel assassinates Hamas founder, sparking a wave of retaliatory attacks. Bush smear campaign against Richard Clarke. Jimmy Carter criticizes both Bush and Blair. Medicare to go broke by 2019. GOP campaign talking points on environment found to be misleading and obtuse. Clarke testifies before the 9/11 commission, giving damning evidence of the Bush administration's lackadaisical approach to the threat of terror attacks before 9/11 and its use of the attacks as an excuse to invade Iraq. Bush horrifies many by making jokes out of his failure to find Iraqi WMDs. Afghanistan postpones elections until September. Kerry accuses Bush of "character assassination" against Clarke. Fox News' Brit Hume tells the families of soldiers killed in Iraq to "just get over it." Condoleezza Rice, after weeks of stalling, agrees to testify publicly to the 9/11 commission; Bush and Cheney offer to testify to the 9/11 commission privately, if they can appear together and not testify under oath. A censored Pentagon report shows that the Bush administration has left the US "woefully unprepared" to deal with a bioterror attack. Four private US soldiers are murdered, burned to death, and dragged through the streets of Fallujah. Bush administration refuses to add investigators to the IRS for disrupting terrorist finances.

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