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US learns of Hussein's plans for post-war insurgency. Classified 2002 DIA report reveals no WMDs in Iraq. British intelligence reveals they were pressured by Bush officials to make false claims about Iraqi WMDs. Evidence found that Iraq had no current nuclear weapons program. Bush policy of pre-emption made public. Israeli-Palestinian "roadmap to peace." GOP blames Bill Clinton for poor intelligence on Iraq. Blair administration admits WMD evidence "flawed." Rice admits WMD intelligence forged. Blix reveals he was target of "smear campaign" by Bush officials. GOP fights investigation into Iraqi intelligence lapses. Blair official reveals plans to invade Iraq from summer of 2002. US military leader admits forces entered Iraq before official invasion date. Radiation poisoning of Iraqis. US halts free elections in Iraq. Bush claims he was told by God to fight al-Qaeda and invade Iraq.

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