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CIA network inside Iran "blown." Rothstein report on Afghanistan buried. US recreating Iraqi secret police. Texas redistricting funded by illegal monies. Nixon plans to invade Middle East revealed. Army to prevent soldiers from leaving. US corporations pay less taxes than at any time since Hoover. Iraqi scientist confirms Iraq never had nuclear weapons. Kurds given limited autonomy. Al-Qaeda funding. More Bush administration secrecy. Scalia-Cheney vacation brings Scalia's impartiality into question. North Korea offers to dismantle its nuclear weapons program. Army defends Halliburton overcharging. Study proves Bush administration duplicity about Iraq. Powell admits no proof of Iraq connection to al-Qaeda. Former Treasury secretary reveals deep problems and lies from Bush and administration officials; administration retaliates with an investigation. Army War College report exposes administration's failures in Iraq. Army MP breaks Abu Ghraib torture stories. Bush admits to planning Iraqi invasion from outset of his administration. Cheney confirms that the US is committed to "decades" of war. Bush makes 10-minutes visit to Martin Luther King's grave in between fundraisers. Independent investigator of Plame outing has ties to Bush administration. State of the Union Address. CIA predicts civil war in Iraq. Pentagon planning strikes in Lebanon. GOP intrusion into Democratic strategy documents far more extensive than originally thought. Powell admits Iraq may never have had WMDs. Robert McNamara says Iraq occupation is wrong and fatally flawed. NYC comptroller accuses Halliburton, others of profiteering from terrorism. Hutton report blames BBC for intelligence problems. Rice admits intelligence on Iraqi WMDs may have been wrong. Taguba commission begins investigating Abu Ghraib torture stories.


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