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Bay of Pigs. Kennedy sends more US troops to support the South Vietnamese against North Vietnamese incursions. Algerian independence. Cuban Missile Crisis. CIA-supported coup in Iraq; Qasim executed. Zapata Oil becomes Pennzoil after mergers. US-assisted coup in South Vietnam against Diem. Kennedy assassinated; Johnson becomes president. Civil Rights Act of 1964; fundamental change reshapes both Republican and Democratic parties. Domestic Operations Division of the CIA is formed. CIA assists in assassination of India's Nehru. US presence in Vietnam escalates sharply after "Gulf of Tonkin" incident, where US warships are supposedly attacked by North Vietnamese vessels. USSR's Khruschev ousted in favor of Leonid Brezhnev. Brutal coup in Indonesia, assisted by CIA, results in the deaths of over a million. Malcolm X assassinated. Anti-war protests in US escalate. Miranda ruling by US Supreme Court. Six-Day War. "Operation Garden Plot," the first of several government plans to suspend the Constitution and declare martial law. Tet Offensive. My Lai massacre. Assassination of Martin Luther King. George W. Bush joins TANG. Paris Peace Talks destabilized by GOP. Robert F. Kennedy assassinated; Hubert Humphrey nominated as Democratic candidate for president. Ba'athists take power in Iraq. "Police riots" at the Democratic National Convention. Czech Rebellion crushed by Soviet forces. Nixon becomes president. Massive anti-war demonstrations. Secret US bombings of Cambodia. US officially stops work on bioweapons. "Nixon Doctrine." Ho Chi Minh dies. Roe v. Wade filed. Pol Pot rises to power in Cambodia. Kent State murders. Nasser dies.

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