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Spanish-American War; US occupies Philippines and much of the Caribbean. Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand triggers World War I. Woodrow Wilson uses falsities and exaggerated claims to bring the US into World War I. Russian Revolution begins. Balfour Declaration establishes Britain's intent to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Treaty of Versailles. Sykes-Picot agreement divvies up the Middle East by British and French dictates. Palmer purge of US Communists. Western oil companies exert their control over the Middle East. American women win the right to vote. Iraq formed. The Bush and Walker families help subsidize the Nazis. Teapot Dome scandal. Great Depression. World War I vets, known as the "Bonus March" protesters, attacked by US troops. Roosevelt presidency. Hitler's rise to power, subsidized by US corporate interests. Reichstag fire. "Night of the Long Knives." Huey Long assassinated. Spanish Civil War. Kristallnacht. Germany invades Poland; beginning of World War II. Batista takes control of Cuba. Hitler's "Final Solution." Pearl Harbor attack. Some US corporations previously involved with the Nazis now switch to helping Allied war efforts; numerous investigations into US corporate connections with Nazi Germany launched, but investigations are largely stymied. Many US conservatives oppose war, side with Hitler. Double V Campaign. Internment of Japanese-Americans. D-Day. Roosevelt dies; Truman becomes president. Hitler commits suicide. Germany surrenders. Atomic bombing of Japan; Japan surrenders. Potsdam Conference divides Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia among the Allies. Ho Chi Minh forms new Vietnamese government. France occupies South Vietnam. Stalin foreign policy speech initiates "Cold War." First Indochina war; Viet Mihn insurgents battle French, British forces. Venona Project. US begins new technology development for spying on USSR. Truman Doctrine. Executive Order 9835, the "Loyalty Oath." National Security Act of 1947. United Nations formed. Marshall Plan. House UnAmerican Activities Committee formed; HUAC/McCarthy investigations. Israel is formed and is immediately attacked by Arab enemies. Murder of journalist George Polk, the "first casualty of the Cold War;" investigation into his murder is stonewalled by the CIA and by American media figures. West Berlin blockade; Berlin Airlift. Alger Hiss accused of spying for USSR. Fairness Doctrine adopted by FCC. NATO formed. Mao Zedong establishes Communist government in China. Korean War. McCarran Act. US steps up military assistance to South Vietnam. Japanese "economic miracle," facilitated by US refusal to prosecute Japanese war crimes and tolerance of Japanese criminal business practices. Defection of Burgess and MacLean. Zapata Oil. Eisenhower becomes president. Mossadaq government in Iran is overthrown by the US. Armistice ends Korean War. French lose battle of Dien Bien Phu. Oppenheimer charged with Communist sympathies. Guatamalan government overthrown by CIA. Joseph McCarthy exposed as a fraud. Nasser coup in Egypt. Partition of Vietnam into North and South. Brown v. Board of Education decision. U-2 spy plane developed; Groom Lake (Area 51) secret testing facility built in Nevada. Faulk lawsuit successfully challenges Hollywood blacklisting. Warsaw Pact formed. CIA helps install Diem regime in South Vietnam. Suez Canal incident. "October Rebellion" in Hungary crushed by Soviet Army. Forced desegregation of Little Rock public schools. Sputnik. Corona spy satellite system developed. CIA helps Iraqis overthrow King Faisal in favor of General Qasim. Castro overthrows Batista. Second Indochina War. Saddam Hussein recuited by the CIA. Manuel Noriega recruited by DIA. US military advisors enter South Vietnam in force. "Operation Northwoods." Greensboro Four protests. CIA destabilization of Castro begins. Francis Gary Powers shot down over USSR. Kennedy defeats Nixon for US presidency.


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