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Democrats take control of Congress, pass ethics legislation. Bush claims authority to open Americans' mail without warrants. Israel planning possible nuclear strike against Iran. Iraq's oil industry set to be privatized; Western oil companies to garner unprecedented wealth. Bush announces "new" policy for Iraq, troop escalation; escalates threatening rhetoric against Iran and Syria. Comptroller General says taxes may have to double to pay for Bush's out-of-control spending. Peace agreement between Israel and Syria reported; Israel says no such agreement reached. Gonzales says warrantless wiretapping at an end; FISA court may be issuing unconstitutional "blanket" authorizations. North Korea agrees to curb its nuclear program. Three Ohio election workers on trial for rigging 2004 presidential recount figures. Cheney source of "Plamegate" smear efforts. Bush lies about foiled terror attacks. Bush officials admit authorizing military attacks against Iranians in Iraq. Bush implicated in Plame leak. US Army investigating new torture claims. Troop escalation in Afghanistan planned. Definitive report from UN panel ends global warming debate: it's real, it's manmade, and it's long past time for action to be taken. US accuses Iran of killing five US soldiers in Iraq, offers no proof.

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