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"Funeralgate;" Governor Bush commits perjury. Starr illegally redirects Whitewater investigation to encompass Lewinsky investigation. OIC illegally grills Lewinsky for 11 hours. Drudge breaks Lewinsky story to public. Mainstream media breaks Lewinsky story; media "feeding frenzy" ensues. Clinton denies affair with Lewinsky. PNAC advocates military overthrow of Iraqi government. Paula Jones lawsuit against Clinton fizzles; judge rebukes "perjury trap." Unabomber convicted of mail bombings. Starr commission proves to leak information to press to influence investigation. Burton admits to doctoring evidence against Clinton. India-Pakistan nuclear standoff. James Byrd murdered in Texas; Governor Bush opposes hate crimes bill sparked by the murder. Starr admits leaking information to press to influence investigation. US missile attacks on terrorist groups in Tanzania and Afghanistan. Clinton authorizes assassination of bin Laden. CIA gives Clinton officials evidence of upcoming attacks by al-Qaeda on US targets involving hijacked airplanes. Clinton critic Dan Burton admits to his own sexual transgressions; evidence of fraud and political scandal abound. Starr Report. House impeaches Clinton over lying about Lewinsky affair. Iraq Liberation Act authorizes "regime change" against Saddam Hussein. George W. Bush wins re-election as governor of Texas. Jesse Ventura wins the governorship of Minnesota. Gingrich resigns over marital affairs. "Operation Desert Fox." Livingston resigns over sexual improprieties. House votes to impeach Clinton.

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