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Taliban resurgent. "Embedded" coverage exposed as Pentagon manipulation. Clarke confirms Saudi terror suspects allowed to leave after 9/11. Administration mounts PR campaign to "sell" the Iraqi war to the American people. $87 billion request for Iraq. Colin Powell confirms that 140 Saudis, including bin Laden family members and terror suspects, were allowed to leave the US after 9/11 without being questioned or challenged. EPA study proves administration covered up environmental danger from 9/11 attacks. Journalist Christiane Amanpour reveals that the US press "muzzled itself" during invasion. Syria and Libya posed as next "threats to US security." Bush admits no links between Saddam Hussein and 9/11. Bremer signs orders transforming Iraq's economy and destroying Iraq's farming and business infrastructure. Bush makes insulting speech to UN. Administration anti-protest policies challenged. Aqila al-Hashimi assassinated. More Bush PR -- "good news" from Iraq. Justice Department begins investigating Plame outing. Bush administration blocks investigation into Plame outing. Companies profiteering in Iraq exposed.

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