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Secret Joint Chiefs report predicts more violence, chaos in Iraq. British make secret truce with Taliban. Powell says he was fired, describes Bush as hell-bent on invading Iraq. Pages, House members and staffers knew about Foley's pedophilia for years before it was revealed. Billion-dollar education program does little more than channel tax dollars to favored providers and GOP donors. Al-Qaeda leaders need US to stay in Iraq to help the terrorists build alliances with other insurgent groups. Hastert knew of Foley's problem with male pages since 2003. Bush's signing statements contravene Constitution, says nonpartisan report. Warner says "change of course" should be considered for Iraq. Marine testifies about beatings, abuse at Guantanamo. Rove White House aide resigns because of connections to Abramoff. GOP congressman admits knowing about Foley e-mails in 2000. North Korea test-fires nuclear missile. New study estimates 655,000 Iraqi war dead. Foley accused of inappropriately touching a male page on the floor of the House of Representatives. Ney pleads guilty to Abramoff-related charges. Defense bill allows Bush to deploy US forces within the country at will. Top US general says more troops may be sent to Iraq. "Voter chaos" predicted for November 7.

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