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Army documents confirm existence of plans to suspend Constitution and forcibly inter civilians in concentration camps across the US without charges. Pentagon derails investigations into Gulf War syndrome. Donald Rumsfeld's firm supplies North Korea with uranium and nuclear technology; blame for North Korea's nuclear program will later be shifted onto Clinton. NAFTA goes into effect. Zapatista uprising in Mexico. Fiske appointed to investigate Whitewater. Paula Jones accuses Clinton of sexual impropriety. CIA officer Aldrich Ames caught spying for USSR. Paula Jones sues Bill Clinton. Hussein becomes Prime Minister of Iraq. Fiske's final report finds no impropriety in Whitewater transactions; conservatives demand further investigations. Taliban takes power in Afghanistan. FBI buries evidence of Saudi involvement with Islamic terror groups. Stephen Breyer joins Supreme Court. Starr named Whitewater special prosecutor. Hale's story "corroborated" by another Arkansas trooper; the resurgence of the Mena cocaine smuggling story. Republican takeover of Congress; "Gingrich Revolution." George W. Bush becomes governor of Texas. Reagan announces he suffers from Alzheimer's.

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