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David Kay inspection team readied to search for WMDs in Iraq. Bush dares Iraqi resistance forces to "bring it on." Increasing anger and disillusionment among US troops. Illegal incarceration of US citizens without charges or due process draws fire. Britain says it has given up on finding WMDs. Wilson accuses Bush administration of twisting evidence about uranium sales to Iraq. 9/11 commission work hindered by administration officials. Bush administration admits knowing intelligence about Iraq's supposed uranium purchase was faulty well before State of Union address. Senate Intelligence Committee releases first part of report on prewar intelligence. Bush blames CIA for faulty Iraqi intelligence. Robert Novak outs CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson in an administration act of vengeance towards husband Joseph Wilson. British MOD official and whistleblower David Kelly found dead under mysterious circumstances. Pentagon moves to slash military pay and benefits. 9/11 report censored by administration before its release. US plans to move against North Korea leaked. Kay's ISG finds no WMDs; Curveball proven a fraud. "Policy Analysis Market." Resistance in Iraq escalating.

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