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  • In recent weeks, I've implemented a new item identification process for this site. As demonstrated in the blue box to the right of these words, almost every item will have -- when I finish the process -- an "item identification phrase" that gives the reader a clue as to what topic that item addresses.

    Item identification box

    Since the boxes are text- and CSS-based, and not graphics, they can be used in searching for items on those topics. Obviously, some topics will have several hundred items, so such a topic search will not be as quick and easy as I would like, but it will help. Some of the topics routinely used are listed below. Just copy one and use the Google search engine to help you in your hunt. (Thanks to the CSS gurus at Sitepoint for helping me whip the code into shape. Find out more about the process of updating this site's code by visiting the Updates page.)
  • Another good way to hunt through this site is by using the Google search engine (referenced above) that hunts through this site's pages; there is a search box on every page. Obviously, overly simple searches for terms like "Bush" or "9/11" will return more hits than anyone could plow through. I'd recommend using as specific a search query as possible. Google is a magnificent tool, but it has its limitations; asking it questions like "Who is responsible for invading Iraq?" won't work, and long, rambling queries will not always find the information you're looking for. Try to limit your searches to specific words and phrases you are looking for, like "domestic wiretapping" or "global warming." And be prepared to hunt. Searching for individual names is good: "Valerie Plame Wilson" or "Mohammed Atta," for example, will give good results, as will a few words of a specific quote, such as the following phrase from Donald Rumsfeld's infamous statement: "the facts we don't know we don't know."
  • A few caveats: some pages, such as They Said It and the 9/11 page, Hell Yes, They Knew are not topically referenced. They are either organized within themselves, or are about a specific topic such as 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina. More item identification phrases are being added on a regular basis, so the list is not complete. Of course, an item might have more than one topic referenced: for example, you might figure that an item about "election fraud" may well reference "Karl Rove", the "conservative media slant," and other topics as well. And, as with all things, completing the item identifications will take some time. (The list itself is arresting in its content, not to mention its length.)

Some Commonly Used Item Information Phrases

2000 Election | 2002 Midterms | 2004 Elections | 2006 Midterms | 2008 presidential elections | 9/11 attacks | Alberto Gonzales | Anti-terrorism and homeland security | Antiwar protests | Attack on civil liberties | BCCI scandal | Bush administration's contempt for democracy | Bush family | Bush's economic policies | Bush's energy policies | Bush's foreign policies | California recall elections | Carter administration | Clinton administration | Congressional Democrats | Congressional Republicans | Congressional oversight | Conservative hate speech and intolerance | Conservative media slant | Conservative smear campaigns | Corporate corruption | "Culture Wars" | Dick Cheney | Domestic spying | Domestic terrorism | Election fraud | Fall of Soviet Union | Ford administration | George H. W. Bush | George W. Bush | Global nuclear proliferation | Global warming and the environment | GOP campaign strategies | Gulf War | Gun advocacy | Halliburton | Hurricane Katrina and FEMA | Impeachment | Investigating the White House | Iran-Contra scandal | Iran's nuclear program | Iraq-Niger scandal | Iraq war and occupation | Islamist terrorism | Jack Abramoff scandal | John McCain | Karl Rove | | Lewis Libby perjury trial | Mark Foley scandal | Media manipulation and marketing by GOP | Medical research and funding | Medicare and Medicaid cuts | Mercenaries and "private armies" | Middle East peace process | Middle East unrest | Military-industrial complex | Minority rights | Neoconservatives | Newt Gingrich | North Korean nuclear program | Oil profiteering and the "oiligarchy" | Osama bin Laden | Partisan Bush appointees | Plame outing | Prewar intelligence on Iraq | Randy Cunningham corruption investigation | Religious conservatives | Republican corruption | Republican education policies | Rudolph Giuliani | Secrecy of Bush administration | Supreme Court | "Swift Boat Veterans" and campaign smears | Terrorism detainees and "enemy combatants" | Tom DeLay and DeLay corruption scandal | "Unitary executive" | US Attorney firings US intelligence | US involvement in Latin America | US military | US nuclear program | US torture allegations | US veterans | "Vast right-wing conspiracy" | Vietnam War | Walter Reed scandal | War in Afghanistan | War with Iran | Watergate | Whitewater/Lewinsky,

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