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Gary Hart recalls warning Condoleezza Rice about imminent terror threats
German intelligence says that they warned information from Iraqi source "Curveball" was worthless; US intelligence ignored the warnings and used the information to sell Iraqi war
Bush refuses to ask OPEC to help curb soaring US gas prices

Powell says that some of the evidence he used in his February 2003 presentation to the UNSC was faulty
Former members of Blair's Cabinet reveal that Bush decided to invade Iraq as soon as September 20, 2001

"I wish you'd have given me this written question ahead of time so I could plan for it.... I'm sure something will pop into my head here in the midst of this press conference, with all the pressure of trying to come up with answer, but it hadn't yet.... I don't want to sound like I have made no mistakes. I'm confident I have. I just haven't -- you just put me under the spot here, and maybe I'm not as quick on my feet as I should be in coming up with one." -- George W. Bush, after being asked to name the biggest mistake he had made, April 3, 2004