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Note: The following rather exhaustive material spanning the days from January 12 - 25, 1998 is sourced from Marvin Kalb's excellent book One Scandalous Story: Clinton, Lewinsky, and 13 Days That Tarnished American Journalism, augmented by material from the equally excellent book by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons, The Hunting of the President. Both books use a tremendous number of sources from print, Web, and broadcast media, along with a number of individual interviews; I have not attempted to attribute every piece of information I've gleaned from the two books to their individual sources; instead, I have just credited Kalb, or Joe Conason and Gene Lyons, as the general source with the understanding that the authors put together his information from a variety of sources of their own. I suggest you read both books and peruse their notes for yourself; despite the seemingly large amount of information gleaned from the books for this page, both contain far more information than I have included. Both One Scandalous Story and The Hunting of the President are excellently researched and eminently readable books, Kalb making a powerful, if understated, plea for the press to right itself from the course it has embarked upon beginning in January 1998 and continues to pursue to this day. I am greatly indebted to all three authors and their work.

Starr illegally redirects Whitewater investigation to encompass Lewinsky investigation
OIC illegally grills Lewinsky for 11 hours
Lewinsky at the time of the interrogation
Lewinsky at the time of the interrogation

"I think the office of independent counsel has made [Starr] nutty and I don't understand it. This kind of fishing expedition makes him not a Whitewater special prosecutor, but a general persecutor of the President." -- former Justice Department advisor Cass Sunstein (CNN/James Carville)

"There's so many other lawyers in this country. Why in the world did we have to select someone [Starr] to investigate the president of the United States who has such a strong Republican agenda? Huge mistake to pick Ken Starr, so it certainly has the appearance that, indeed, it is political. You know, the Court of Appeals should have been smart enough to pick someone else.... [I]t appears that Ken Starr and Paula Jones's lawyers have been working together. ...[Starr] did get tape recordings of Monica Lewinsky before he went to the US Court of Appeals for an expansion of authority. That's unusual." -- former lawyer and CNN legal analyst Greta van Susteren (CNN/James Carville)

"A lot of people will find [Starr's behavior] distasteful -- the President will gain strength over these aggressive, dirty-pool tactics." -- Fox News anchor and commentator Brit Hume (Fox News/James Carville)

Drudge breaks Lewinsky story to public

"We wanted to be first, but we were also afraid of being first." -- Lisa Myers of NBC News, quoted by Marvin Kalb

Mainstream media breaks Lewinsky story; media "feeding frenzy" ensues
Clinton and Lewinsky hugging at a White House function
An image from the "notorious" Clinton-Lewinsky video broadcast by CNN
Clinton denies affair with Lewinsky