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"Operation Garden Plot," the first of several government plans to suspend the Constitution and declare martial law
Tet Offensive
Viet Cong guerrilla being shot in head
A Viet Cong guerrilla is executed on film
My Lai massacre
Assassination of Martin Luther King
George W. Bush joins TANG
Paris Peace Talks destabilized by GOP
Robert F. Kennedy assassinated; Hubert Humphrey nominated as Democratic candidate for president
Ba'athists take power in Iraq
"Police riots" at the Democratic National Convention
Czech Rebellion crushed by Soviet forces
Nixon becomes president

"Today the greatest menace to mankind may well be the American tendency to overrespond to heathen evils abroad, either by attacking them or by condemning them to outer darkness. The study of American foreign missions and their long-continued conditioning influence at home needs no special advocacy in an age when we get our power politics overextended into foreign disasters like Vietnam mainly through an excess of righteousness and disinterested benevolence, under a President who talks like a Baptist preacher and who inherited his disaster from a Secretary of State who was also a ruling elder of the Presbyterian Church. Plainly the missionary impulse has contributed both to the American swelled head and to its recent crown of thorns." -- East Asian scholar John Fairbank, December 29, 1968